Gamification and Media Convergence

This month I’ve focused on the study of Game Writing. I find it quite intriguing and very exciting. However, I feel that it’s not a fully tapped industry yet, as there is even better narrative and dialogue to come. I think gamification and the convergence of media is something that is key to look at, especially if I want to move into a game-writing route in my life. I think heavily of media convergence and how we live in this age of digital motion, continuously remixing and reimagining media ge

Blog out of the Fog

I haven’t written a fresh blog in over two years. Reason being, I went to get a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. I got to say, after gone through all of the previous blogs on this WordPress site; my writing has certainly improved. I mean, I gutted and replanted my entire garden of stories on here. More stuff is to come; I do intend to back that up, as it’s my life, my mastery, and career. However, to be honest, it’s heartbreaking to say, I haven’t been paid peanuts. It’s true; st

Lucid Dreaming into another World

Earlier today, anxiety and stress stacked up like bills to pay. I can’t continue to live hedonistically. Recently, I had a two-part episode of a lucid dream. The past two nights have roused me into a different perspective. The first dream started off in a giant mansion; that I owned. I sat for dinner with a handful of politicians. One in particular was sitting across from me and I tried to make eye contact. Yet, he never gave any returned effort and avoided me like the Black Plague. I felt off

Shadows of Internal conflict

A struggle hasn’t hit me until now. I’ve lived my life in a shadow of people. Always waiting for an exterior voice to move forward. I move to the beat of my own drum; always have. Yet, when it comes to my own selfish desires; I sometimes pause and hesitate. Occasionally, I’ve acted on my own selfish desires but ended up on the wrong side and in a world of hurt, confusion, and darkness. Why is it so easy for people to act in their own selfish ways and not I? How come they seem to understand the

Dani Lily Flower

Dani, the one I fell in love with at first sight. Drawn into her eyes like magnets of light. I swear, they could keep me from the darkness that would consume my time. Lily’s the one I chased as her looks reminded me of that original spark. I always stood on a neutral standpoint with her, as I didn’t want to mess anything up like I did with the girl who started it all. The Flower is the one I’ve met in my dreams. She’s so beautiful; I chase her but could never catch her. It’s as if I chased a f

Somewhat of an Intern Story

Life’s quite interesting at the moment. It’s unique how everything forms together. Yet, it feels like I’m entering a new atmosphere at a fiery pace. I have little knowledge if the landing will be rough or smooth. Though, I know the destination that I want. It’s a place where I’m passionately part of a team; making miracles happen with our creative energies… Rewind back; the day started out frantically. At call-time, all three of my alarms blared. I was stoned asleep in my pillow and all of the

Hello Tumbling world: In my ‘Character Creation &... - ryanvhawkins

In my ‘Character Creation & Development’ class this month at Full Sail University. I’m developing quite a character by the name of Scott. I’m adding three following posts regarding things he would look into and read with great interest. ·      His Favorite book would be ‘Hell’s Angels - A Strange and Terrible Saga’ by Hunter S. Thompson. My character is young and in his teens. He is quite a rebellious one by instinct, but understands the values of society. He’s deeply fascinated with the pure a

Mastery Journal: Episodic and Serial Writing.

My writing is certainly blossoming; I feel my most creative thoughts and ideas blurt out onto paper more and more. This past month I’ve learned and practiced serial and episodic writing. It’s been a fun and challenging month, especially in regards to being creative on demand to make an assignment really come together. Throughout the month, I focused on a web series, No Good Deeds. It was a very beneficial learning experience as I got to draft, edit, and spec my very own idea for an episode. It

Press Release:

A writer, who packs an edge, taking all viewpoints and approaches, then delivers the package with a twist. He’s been a creative little spark from the get go, ever since he played lead role of Macbeth in his fifth-grade Shakespeare play. He studied and memorized everything in that script for his shining day. He has gained  abundance of experience throughout his travels in life. Those travels have led him to where he is at right now. Developing story concepts for screenplays in film, television,

Three Effective Brands in the Digital Age

In order to have an effective brand image in this fast-pace digital age; a brand must be Extraordinary, Innovative, and Simple. Three brands that come to mind are Red Bull, Tesla, and GoPro. Out of all three, Red Bull is king of brand imaging. It’s practically a giant marketing company more so than an energy drink company. Red Bull is associated with many great human feats and accomplishments. They represent extreme sports very well, from racing all the way to jumping from space onto the earth.

The Crumbling Tumble….

Everything was crumbling at a rate, unforeseen. The tumble became a ripping rumble, as it reached the surface. The heart beats but turns cold and dark, as if the vacuum of space pulls at its mortal fibers. The sorrow is felt through the pulsating shocks of pain felt by the soul, deep within its own womb. This is the birth of darkness for the walking path. The human can only take so much…. They say, pain let’s us know we’re alive but how much until we’re completely consumed by its deepest and